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About us

We have been collaborating with Web 3 founders since early 2017. Our lives are aligned with decentralization and the sovereignty of the person versus the State.

In a previous life, we worked for Web 2 and Wall Street, but we switched to Web 3 because it offers a higher risk-reward ratio and matches our thinking.

Gonzalo Ferradás, CEO


Invicta invests in decentralized projects even though initially their protocols can start being centralized

Web3 allows people to own their own data. Today, companies and banks control personal data, and when they start losing the control on this data, a huge amount of innovation and value will emerge

Money should be permissionless, censorship resistant and not be subject to the whims of banks or governments

When banks and the stock market are closed, you can’t access all your money, which is archaic in a digital world

Permissionless blockchains are disrupting traditional finance, governments and companies

Money transfers should be as easy as sending a mail, with zero cost and without intermediaries

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